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Kyoto // 京都 Empty Kyoto // 京都

Post by Hikari on Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:54 pm


I wanna base my character on sakura petals, trees, etc. aka pinkish because Kyoto is quite traditional. ^^♥

Name of given prefecture: Kyoto

Gender: Femairu~

Hair style: Brown, a little like her hairstyle? +length a little longer than from the picture. (doesn't need to be that realistic. =w=;; ) Oh and instead of that daisy flower at the back, could you replace it with a sakura flower, with beads. :3 /shot for details. "orzzz

Details on clothes: A short kimono. A bit like what Miku is wearing here. (design + colour scheme included. PINK FTW- /shot)

Eyes: BROWNNN. 8D -is simple- Gentle looking aswell?

Pose: Anything you like. ^ ワ~)b

Mannerisms: I guess my mannerism is shy and emotional. And hiding all the time. But very polite-ish and worrying and sympathetic and something like that. Sometimes stubborn. And very quiet / doesn't speak her thoughts / keeps her ideas and thoughts to herself, thinking she'd hurt someone. No common sense at all. *COUGHMECOUGH* "orzz And innocent? I'd like to show that in her facial expres​sion(innocence)~ ^^♥
Not hyper at all, unless she's around people she knows very well. :3 THEN SHE IS THE HYPER-EST THING ON EARTH.
THAT = ME IRL. 8D YUZ. /shot

Extra: Can you make her a little short and small and youngish, maybe 10-13 years old?
/I is a proud small person. 8D

You can add/delete/edit anything you like. ^ ∇^)b* ~♥

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