Members and Characters they are assigned to

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Members and Characters they are assigned to

Post by Kahomelody on Sat Sep 03, 2011 4:04 pm

Nagasaki [claimed by エミ]
Kyoto [claimed by ❄ヒカリ]
Gunma [claimed by Jazzy]
Okinawa [claimed by ANON]
Hyougo [claimed by Shuuki]
Wakayama [claimed by るうと]
Ibaraki/Fukui [claimed by Yuukai]
Iwate [claimed by candy*]
Yamagata [claimed by Icha]
Miyagi [claimed by Chiroyo]
Kochi [claimed by YUKI]
Shiiga [claimed by マンゴ プリン]
Mie [claimed by nyoeru]
Fukushima [claimed by Ryuu]
Ishikawa [claimed by Jordy]
Tokyo [claimed by Kaho]
Miyazaki [claimed by Rou]

Extra Info on:

Please can all members do extra revising on here for their characters.

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